Material control

MOBA-Sonic sensor
MOBA-Sonic sensor

A wide variety of sensors and controllers is available for controlling the material flow on asphalt pavers.
The Moba-Sonics can be used both for conveyor control and auger control.

MOBA is able to provide control systems which are adapted to the different hydraulic concepts of machine suppliers.
In contrast to mechanical paddles that are in direct contact with gluing material and need constant cleaning, the MOBA-Sonics provide a contactless, low-maintenance alternative for material control.

Special features:

  • The Sonics can be attached to the machine in a flexible way, because the working point (material height) can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer.
  • The Sonics are a flexible add-on equipment allowing exact control of the material flow.

Experience and references:

The MOBA Sonic benefits from more than twenty years of experience and product adaptations.

The quality of the produced road surface is highly dependent on the precise control of the material flow on a machine:
a task that can be accomplished with the MOBA Sonic.