Effective leveling system MOBA-matic®

MOBA-matic® controller with sensors
MOBA-matic® controller with sensors

The MOBA-matic® is a digital leveling and slope control system for different mobile construction machines such as asphalt pavers, slipform pavers, milling machines, dozers or graders.

It combines controller and intuitive HMI in one housing and allows the integration of a huge variety of sensors for leveling and slope control.

Special features of the MOBA-matic®:

  • The MOBA-matic® is easy to use, highly precise and reliable.
    Due to its modular design, new sensors may be added for grade and slope control.
  • Thanks to continuous product adaptations for more than a decade, the MOBA-matic® has matured into a device combining robustness with innovative features.

Experience and references:

The MOBA-matic® is widely used on the asphalt pavers of known asphalt paver suppliers as well as on milling machines.

Many high-precision 3D control systems have already been realised with the MOBA-matic®,
providing support for highly precise motorway construction
or complex geometric surfaces for automobile test tracks.